One Word Substitution

One Word Substitution Quiz

  1. Belief that war and violence are unjustified

(a) Neutralisation

(b) Pessimism

(c) Naturalisation

(d) Pacifism

  1. A group of girls

(a) Bevy

(b) Covey

(c) Troupe

(d) Coterie

  1. Causing or ending in death

(a) Fatal

(b) Deadly

(c) Serious

(d) Dangerous

  1. A Short poem or speech addressed to the spectators after the conclusion of a drama

(a) Prologue

(b) Dialogue

(c) Epilogue

(d) Monologue

  1. One who loves books

(a) Scholar

(b) Bibliographer

(c) Teacher

(d) Bibliophile

  1. One who has obstinate and narrow religious views

(a) Theosophist

(b) Bigot

(c) Philosopher

(d) Theologian

  1. The sound of the funeral bell

(a) Knell

(b) Spell

(c) Dong

(d) Ding – dong

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  1. Military waking signal sounded in the morning

(a) Reveille

(b) Lullaby

(c) Anthem

(d) Soprano

  1. Study of insects

(a) Ecology

(b) Embryology

(c) Entomology

(d) Biology

  1. A person in his seventies

(a) Sexagenarian

(b) Septuagenarian

(c) Centurion

(d) Patriarch

1 d
2 a
3 a
4 c
5 d
6 b
7 a
8 a
9 c
10 b

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